It’s official… the cat’s out of the bag… I’m moving to Edmonton.

Holy shit.

As of October 1st I’ll be a resident of the city I once declared to be “the worst city in Canada.” Please be aware that I made this statement after visiting only three times and having been to approximately only 1% of cities in Canada. It was clearly a very scientific and well-researched study (if you’re wondering what city now has the esteemed privilege of being my new worst city in Canada, it is Victoria, British Columbia).

So why the change of heart? Well the answer is simple, I can’t afford Vancouver anymore and the opportunity presented itself.

I recently found myself looking for an apartment after living in the same place for almost four years. I had heard about how hard the housing marketing in Vancouver was, but I was not prepared to see just how high rent prices have gone in the four years I’d been out of the game. Nor was I ambitious enough to deal with the vicious search for a place to live.

I understand I could find a home share in a basement suite with four other
people in my price range, but I’m a grown adult in her thirties and I don’t want to live like that. I want my own apartment and one-bedroom apartments do not come cheaper than $1,100, plus they are hard to find. Most rentals in Vancouver have become Airbnbs, which I can understand to some point… I mean if I were a homeowner in Vancouver with a place to rent I can see the appeal of nightly/weekly rentals that will get me more money than leasing to someone for a year. But on the other hand, the unregulated vacation rental market has lead to a housing crisis in Vancouver and has left many of Vancouver’s residents fleeing the city.

This and the horrendous cost of living in the city have made me decide to move to Edmonton. Why Edmonton? That’ll be explained in another blog post soon.

I honestly will miss living in this beautiful city, but as an adult who is still struggling with student loan debt and can’t foresee ever owning a home in this city let alone living comfortably in a rental, the decision was quite simple.

At this point I know I’m a cliché, just another 30-something running from Vancouver as they complain about the rising cost of living here. I’m sad that this is what it has come to, that myself and many other lifelong Vancouverites have to leave to have the successful futures we dreamed for ourselves. But mostly I’m hopeful. I’m excited for new beginnings and all the challenges that will come along with it.

Plus, you all get to come along for the ride as I discover a new city, talk shit about my old city and work out some things probably best suited for therapy. It’s win win for all of us!