“What? Why?” – everyone when I tell them I’m moving to Edmonton

Everyone else seems to be freaking out when I tell them I’m moving to Edmonton. And I guess I understand it, but I also wonder if I’m not stressing out enough. As previously mentioned, I made my decision and that was that. I simply began packing and making arrangements to pack a Uhaul to move all my shit from one province to the next.

I haven’t had any crying fits or moments where I think “what the actual fuck am I doing?” Instead I’m pretty calm about this. Some might say I’m at peace. And I think people think I’m crazy for being so chill. But maybe I’m so chill because I’m just getting acclimatized to my new climate? (and you can see from the large picture above – which WordPress won’t let me make smaller – I’m ready for any cold that Edmonton can throw at me)

I get why people might think this. In Vancouver we have mountains, ocean and considerably less snow. Edmonton is a place we think of with snow 10 months out of the year and is a dustbowl the other two. Vancouver has outdoor activities, but they have a mall. And Edmonton is the home of the shittiest hockey team, where as Vancouver has a slightly less shitty team. I’m usually also peppered with a million questions about what I’ll be doing there, what I’m doing with all my stuff here and where I will live. I answer as best and as calmly as I can, I almost feel like I’m the one responsible for easing people’s stress about my situation.

Maybe it’s a good sign. Perhaps it means that I know this is the best decision for me. Whatever it is, I still have a few weeks before I do move and maybe the nervous breakdown is still to come.

What do you think, am I not freaking out enough?