October 7, 2016 is the day I finally understood that old Canadian joke. You know the one, where people joke that Canadian kids have to choose  Halloween costumes that can be work with a snowsuit. Growing up in Vancouver it would be cold on Halloween, but snowsuits seemed excessive.

Then I moved to Edmonton.

I was here less than one week and the snow came. And I’m now thinking of costumes for this Halloween where I can be as warm as possible.


The snow fall wasn’t huge, but in one night it equalled what we got in Vancouver over the past two years.

So I did my favourite snow day activity – I stayed in bed with coffee and oatmeal and thought about writing a blog, but instead watched old episodes of Law and Order (this blog finally happened three days later).


Eventually I took myself outside and walked about the winter wonderland… while listening to Christmas music because snow = Christmas. Thanksgiving be damned.



To be honest with you, it wasn’t that cold. I mean, I did break out my parka but I was warm and it was only like -1 (c). I even went out later and wore only a sweatshirt, because I’m getting cocky. It’ll be fun to look back at this paragraph in a few months when it’s -20 (c) and I’m a human icicle.


I did have one realization that hit like a tonne of bricks, which is that I’ll need proper shoes. These were not cutting it.


I was able to drive in the snow though. I mean, the roads were clear, it was midday and there was no ice, but this is a huge step forward for me. I’m usually terrified of driving when there’s snow. High five to Edmonton for having better snow clearing practices than the Lower Mainland.


Leave any recommendations for moderately priced snow boots in the comments!