Thank you to everyone who messaged me and commented on my previous post with suggestions for winter boots. Longtime readers Dave and Heather (aka my lovely brother and his lovely girlfriend) saw my plea and took me out to buy some boots.

Heather and I started off Tuesday morning at Work Authority and Marks, but found nothing. So we decided to go on an adventure… to West Edmonton Mall. YES! I was finally going to the mall!

We dragged my brother along, because he has a bum ankle and had just been to physio, so why not?

First off we checked out Town Shoes, where we found overpriced boots. Seriously, boots there were almost 50% more than the prices for the same boots we found at other stores.

Next came SoftMoc, where I found these cute boots in magenta:


Alas, they did not have my size in either of the Soft Moc stores in the mall.

We continued down the mall and I stopped by the old submarine lagoon. I was sad I didn’t get to see the sea lions that should be there, nor the penguins. Seriously, this mall was letting me down.

(I wanted to put some pictures of West Edmonton Mall here, but I only took a few on Snapchat and they’re gone now because I didn’t save them to Memories and it’s been more than 24 hours. In my defence my pictures kinda suck because I’m still working off an iPhone 5 that’s 4 years old, and I’m anxiously waiting for an iPhone 7 Plus that’s coming my way)

To make myself feel better about the lack of caged penguins, I went to see some caged puppies in the pet store, which makes me feel good for a minute and then makes me incredibly sad about not being able to take all/any of them home with me (Yes, I am aware of how problematic this sentence and the caging of animals is, plus the puppies from puppy mills are not good… but puppies!). I can’t believe I didn’t even take photos of the puppies. This post is severely lacking in photos, sorry.

Anyways, with a quick detour to a store with army gear and I got to try on a French army hat (another missed photo opportunity, I was on fire!), we were then back on our search for boots.

I had seen a pair online at and really wanted to try them on. So off to Marks we went and I fell in love with the pair from the site:


(Yes, very similar to the magenta ones)

I put them on, my feet felt toasty and so I bought them. And here’s the best part, I saw the price and mentally prepared myself to be gouged by taxes, but I wasn’t. I forgot how taxes in Alberta were lower. Score one for Jen!

The next day (Wednesday) was beautiful. I went for a walk and kind of regretted wearing a thicker jacket, my sweatshirt would’ve been fine. It was 3 degrees out (C), I was getting pretty cocky with this weather.

Plus, I had no use for my new boots and instead had my ankles out:


And here’s an added bonus to my recent purchase. You see, when I purchase some weather related accessory (such as a new umbrella, sunglasses or rainboots) it almost always turns out that I don’t need to use the item for a few days to a week since the universe somehow recognizes I have a new purchase I want to try out and won’t let me. It’s like a special gift with purchase.

You’re welcome Edmonton.