Here’s the best thing about living in Edmonton… my hair.


Having naturally curly hair in Vancouver meant that I was always fighting frizz due to the constant rain, precipitation and humidity. I could never leave the house with my hair unprotected against the elements. When I walked to work (or even to a car) I would have to put my hair up or braid it to try to combat the inevitable frizz.

Remember in 2013 when I went to the hairdresser for a shoulder length cut and ended up with a chin-length bob? Those were scary times when I couldn’t put my hair in a ponytail. I had to pin my hair down or wear a headscarf or toque when I went outside. It was then that I bought a mini-straightening iron for my desk at work to do any touch ups when I got to work.

Don’t even talk to me about leaving my hair curly. One step outside and my hair was ball of frizz.

Living in Vancouver there was a 0% chance my hair would look the same when I arrived at my destination as it did when I left the house.

Just one of the things I (gladly) put up with to live near an ocean.

But now… oh my god now….


I can walk around outside without having to worry about frizz. I can straighten my hair, curl it or leave it natural and it stays. I took that photo as I walked home from the gym. Notice the snow in the background. As long as it’s not falling from the sky, we’re golden.


Look at that hair. All straight and such.


Here’s one last shot, where my straightening iron curls stayed all day, because this place is that damn magical.

Oh my god… does this mean I could actually have bangs without them going wonky on me all the time?!?!