So apparently, I have a blog. And you’re reading it. And if it weren’t for my mom leaving subtle hints on Facebook and Instagram, I would have forgotten about it. Well, not forgotten. But this post definitely was pushed into fruition because of her reminders that I have fans that need to read my blog despite me talking and texting all the time (love you mom!).

And really there isn’t a reason for me not to blog. I have time, but that doesn’t mean I’m not about to list a bunch of excuses for not blogging. I mean, there was that week I had a job (I quit after 3 shifts), so that was a real drain of blogging time. Plus I’m seeing a career coach who gives me homework that takes up time. And there’s all that knitting, book reading and general time wasting on the internet that won’t get done itself.

My Edmonton update for you… it’s damn cold. Like I knew it would be cold, but it really doesn’t hit you until it hits you like a cold shovel to the face when you walk outside one day.

Last weekend my brother told me to check out the 10-day weather forecast and I screamed at what I saw…


Yep. Those are some low lows.

On Sunday I decided to take a walk since it was kinda sunny towards the late afternoon and I wanted to take advantage of -8 weather while it was still here.


I took that photo above about 5 minutes into my walk. So pretty and not a lot of snow. About 10 minutes later it was so windy and snow was heavily falling.


My face froze, but the rest of me was pretty warm with my two pairs of pants on and super warm North Face parka (this parka is the best). I pulled up my hood, zipped my jacket up all the way and hid my face in my jacket, which by the way fogs up your glasses so that makes for a fun obstacle while you walk (because the blinding snow isn’t enough?)


Sunday night I slept with my windows closed for the first time since I got here, then I woke up to this in the morning (that ice/frost is on the inside)… my fleece sheets were put on my bed later that day.



I went out on Monday because I had to get the mail (which is literally right outside the door) and survived. So I went further and took out the garbage. Piece of cake. Then I decided to take a walk to the mailbox that’s about a block and a half away, while out I would either walk up to Walmart for supplies to make an ugly Christmas sweater or take a bus. To prepare for this little jaunt I dressed for the event. It took about twenty minutes to put on all my layers and it reminded me of when my mom dressed us to play in the snow when we were kids.

I wore a t-shirt, a long sleeved shirt and a big sweater. Plus a big scarf and toque.


On the bottom I wore a pair of fleece leggings, some performance leggings I picked up from Costco a few years back that assured me they’re for keeping warm and then a third pair of thick leggings.


I followed that up with a pair of wool socks and my runners. Why not my boots you ask? Well, when it snowed the other day I wore my boots for a super long walk and ended up with a bruise on my right shin and an open wound on the back of my left ankle (Note: open wound, not blister. Open wound is when the blister is so aggravated it moves past the puss filled bubble to a bloody wound while you’re still walking in those boots).

Pro tip: Don’t wear new boots on a super long walk right away. Break them in like a smart adult would do.

I set out on my walk and my feet weren’t cold, nor was the rest of my body. But my face. OH MY GOD IT BURNS. After I got to the mailbox I decided to continue to walk the 30 minutes to Walmart. Why? Well, it took me 20 minutes to get dressed plus I’m stubborn and I guess a little dumb. Also the buses weren’t coming for another 10-15 minutes and I’d rather be moving than standing still. It wasn’t too bad, my face eventually went numb and the rest of me stayed pretty warm. I didn’t dare listen to music because I don’t want to know what -19 (it cooled off since the morning) would do to my headphones. Nor did I want to risk exposing my ears to the elements as I put my earbuds in.

When I got to Walmart I had never been so happy to step into a Walmart before. I wandered around the aisles a bit to thaw out my face as well as my scarf, because that had also frozen. I picked up some pretty awesome ugly sweater accessories and left covered in a decent amount of glitter.

Then I treated myself to a bus ride home, and in one of my wiser moments I walked the 5 minutes to the transit centre since I saw my bus wasn’t due for another 20 minutes. This saved me from having to wait out in the cold since all the transit centres have heated vestibules to wait in. Edmonton Transit System for the win!

I survived my first really cold day, and it’s only going to get colder. And unfortunately I have an appointment tomorrow so I have to leave my house when it’ll be colder. Thank sweet baby Jesus for heated buses.

And before I end this post, here’s a photo of my dinner Monday night (honestly, I felt the top of the post was picture heavy and thought it needed another photo to break up all this text). It’s lasagna soup, from my favourite recipe website Skinnytaste, I make this recipe and eat it for days (you can freeze it without the noodles in it if you’re not a fan of eating leftovers for days). It’s super filling, healthy, and like any good soup it warms me up. Make this soup and thank me later.


One final note: You’ll see from the photos above, we don’t actually have a lot of snow, which I find funny since Vancouver just got a big dump. I love that it’s so Canadian that whenever I talk to someone we inevitably talk about weather and everyone I talk to in Vancouver is bitching about snow. When I bring up the temperatures here they seem to think I’m the luckier one and it’s worse there because it’s a wet cold. As someone who’s experienced a -5 (at most) wet cold and this -19 cold (that my app tells me “feels like -27”), I respectfully ask that you shut up. You do not know cold until you wonder if your ovaries are currently freezing (this literally happened to me on my walk to day, I seriously questioned and googled if this was possible. Why my ovaries? Because that was the body part that felt coldest and tingliest inside my body. And yes, I did question if this was a valid/cheap way to freeze my eggs for the future).

I will take your snow and mild temperatures, Vancouver. But keep your slush, because that shit isn’t pretty.