Happy New Year! I’ve survived the holidays and have started working on my New Years Resolution (to keep being awesome and continue matching my phone case to my outfits, as you can see I did on New Years Eve).


I also haven’t had a drink in three days and promptly got a cold, obviously the wine and vodka were killing off any germs that entered my body and now I have regrets.

This year I got my first white Christmas since 2008 and I only had to move to Edmonton to get it. In 2008 I moved to Italy for that snowy Christmas day. But I hear Vancouver was white this Christmas, just as they were on December 25, 2008.

I have a theory….

The only time it snows during the Vancouver winter is when I’m not there. Throughout most of my teens and adulthood in Vancouver, we would get a light dusting of snow during the winters, never anything big. But whenever I moved away there would be a dumping down of the white stuff.

I guess what I’m saying is if you Lower Mainlanders want all this snow to stop, you’ve got to bring me back. This means I’m going to need a nice apartment downtown (rent paid for me, obviously), a good paying job and a car. Plus lets throw in $1 million for fun. Deliver these things to me and I’ll be back, then the snow will melt*.

Who wants to start the GoFundMe?


*I cannot vouch for the validity of this theory but I’m willing to guess you guys wouldn’t mind trying, offer is non-refundable if it continues to snow after these conditions are met.