I can hear Vancouverites screaming at me already for this post.

You know what I miss most about Vancouver? Aside from family, friends and mountains.


What even is this? #Vancouver #rain #ithasbeenawhile

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(Look at this adorable Instagram post from 2015 when we went like a week without rain in Vancouver and I acted confused)

I have always loved the rain. I think part of it is that it gives me reason to be melodramatic and we all know I love being dramatic. It’s also a built in excuse to stay in, be lazy and read or marathon something on Netflix when in reality, I’m just an introvert who doesn’t want to go out.

Since coming to Edmonton it’s rained maybe five times and it wasn’t even real rain. It was mist, which is the worst because you look like a pansy using an umbrella. Even if you do use an umbrella because you don’t want your hair to frizz the mist gets around your protective shield and ruins everything.

My umbrellas sit in the closet now. In Vancouver I wouldn’t dare leave the house without my trusty purse-sized umbrella in my bag. And I loved using my large Hudson Bay stripe umbrella on particularly stormy days, it added a bit of colour into the grey. It only just occurred to me that before leaving Vancouver I determined I’d have to replace my smaller umbrella since it was starting to leak, I haven’t had to do that in the three months I’ve been here. I guess the bonus is that I can buy a cheap replacement when the time comes because it’s not like it’ll get used.

I forgot about this poor guy until I saw him sitting sadly in the closet yesterday as I dug out my snow boots.
I forgot about this poor guy until I saw him sitting sadly in the closet yesterday as I dug out my snow boots.

I miss the rain for many reasons, one being that if it’s raining it’s not snowing. And if it’s not snowing, it’s not cold. Or at least that’s how that works in my brain. My brain also tells me that if it’s cold and snowy I should avoid the outdoors at all costs, and that’s a surefire way to make me a shut in.

But here’s the number one reason I miss the rain… my sinuses need the humidity. As much as I don’t hate the lack of humidity when it comes to my hair, my skin and sinuses disagree. Over the past week I had my first cold in about a year and it was a doozy. It was one of those ones where your runny nose would wake you up in the middle of the night, your throat would be aching in the morning because you now sleep with your mouth open and worst of all I became a mouth breather, which made me sound like a serial killer to everyone I talked to on the phone (luckily I avoid the phone so this was just for a few lucky individuals).

This is my 2017 in a nutshell
This is my 2017 in a nutshell

What made this cold so horrible was that there was zero hydration for my sinuses. No matter how much I sprayed with saline, used a neti pot or sat in my room next to my humidifier, nothing worked. My arsenal of drugs did very little to alleviate the pain. I found myself feeling better, then go outside (usually on treks to the store for more/different drugs), then proceed to get even sicker and worse sinus pain.

I get that my new city is one of the sunniest/least rainest in Canada. And I’m going to love this in the Spring/Summer (I loved in the fall), but right now I would love some rain.

I’m not expecting pity from Vancouver. All I ask that next time you look outside and see the 20th consecutive day of rain, you’ll promise me you’ll be a little bit thankful that your face doesn’t feel like there’s one hundred knives stabbing you through the sinuses to create a pain so bad that at one point you strongly considered drilling holes in your face to relieve the pressure.