One of the things that I most had to adapt since moving to Alberta is my beauty routine. Weird, I know. But there’s a difference between living in a rainy and wet climate versus one that’s dry and predominantly sunny. You’re told the air is drier here, and you get the concept of dry air, but you really have no clue until you’re living in it.

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve learned about changing what you do to your face and hair when you move here.



Guys, I don’t know if anyone has told you, but water is important. You really notice that here. As soon as the temperatures drop and the wind picks up, your skin is parched. PARCHED. Your skin is flaky and you notice you’ve lost your youthful glow, you can exfoliate all you want but shit is not getting better.

Water is your friend. As trite as it sounds, you really need to drink your water here. It hydrates from the withinside and is a simple solution to your problems.

One of my problems is I HATE the water here, I miss my Vancouver tap water and instead have to purchase it in Dasani bottles. I get that me being a water snob is a very western world problem, but it’s my thing. I also hate most spring water. Do not come at me with your Nestle Pure Life Water. One of the saving graces is that I started a job on Wednesday with a water cooler that doesn’t feed me spring water (Life update: I started a new job on Wednesday, not related to the job I blogged about in my last post).

Anyways, my point is, drink your damn water. It’ll help with a lot of these dry skin and hair issues.



If you said to me in high school that I would grow up to love slathering oil on various parts of my body I would’ve laughed in your face. But I do it and it hydrates like hell.

The number one oil I use is coconut oil. I bought a huge vat of it at Costco over a year ago, it’s only now that I’m almost at the end of it, and I rarely cook with it. I use it on my skin to help with my eczema, I’ll moisturize rough elbows and dry feet. I’ve put it on my face as well it on my cuticles.


One of the best uses is in my hair. You may have noticed one of the main topics on this blog is my hair and how much I love how it behaves here without the wet weather. Except dry hair isn’t the best because split ends run amok. That’s where coconut oil comes in, if you’re feeling crazy add in some castor and jojoba oils (science tells me this helps hair grow), all you do it warm it up in the microwave so it’s melted and warm but not hot. Message it into your scalp (this is if you’re trying to get your hair to grow, if you’re just concerned with split ends stick to just your ends), then coat your hair with this oil mixture. Throw your hair in a bun and sit around letting it soak in for a couple of hours, I usually do this when I’m cleaning or staying in all day so I can really let it do it’s work for a long time. Once you’re ready to rinse out, just shower as normal but you may need to actually take the shampoo bottle’s advice and repeat to get all of it out. Also, you’ll probably want to give your tub/shower a rinse to avoid slipping and oil residue. Do this at least once a week and you’ll be good (plus as you can see below, you get that wet hair look that famous people keep trying to make happen)


Another one of my oil loves is argon oil. It’s embarrassing how much I try to force Josie Maran’s Argan Oils on people. I use the light one during the day under my make up and then the regular strength one at night. And the intense moisture one when I’m super dry. I’m not going to try to sell this too much, just buy it and thank me later. (One thing I will say, the price seems steep but you’ll have a bottle for at least 6 months)


The best thing about winter is being able to wear toques all the time. Aside from being (mostly) stylish, they help in so many ways. They keep your hair dry when it snows. Also protects from wind and cold to avoid those dry, split ends.

Most importantly, they’re the lazy girls lifesaver. One thing about me is that I hate washing my hair. It’s curly and I have to straighten it (then curl it again… I know, it’s exhausting), plus blow drying and styling tools are horrible to my hair because even though I have temperature options I’m always going to pick the highest temperature. Anyways, in Vancouver I would wash my hair every three days. In Edmonton, I’ll give it four and maybe even five days (I shower guys, don’t worry). In Vancouver the third day was exclusively a messy bun or whimsical braided hairstyle day, in Edmonton I can use the dry air and wear my hair down for three days without it looking greasy. On day four, I can wear a toque and still have my hair down… you just don’t see the oily roots (see below, where I went out on Sunday not having washed my hair in 4.5 days).



What you put on your face is the last of my tips. When your skin is parched you need to moisturize, so that’s where tinted moisturizers come in. I recently bought one from Nars and I’m not sure why I didn’t do it sooner. It’s got fantastic coverage and moisturizes all day, usually midday I want to slather more moisturizer on but not now.

Finally, I’m all about the matte liquid lipsticks right now. Plus universal lip liners (I bought one from Joe Fresh for $6 and it’s perfect, I can’t find a link online but just goto your local Superstore and take a look). Sure, these lipsticks can feel dry, but buy the right brand and it’s not drying to your lips. The most important thing is that they do dry on your lips and stay all day, but that’s not all. I’ve discovered lipsticks and glosses that stay wet when you put them on can freeze when you walk outside. You have literal icicles on your lips, which is not fun at all. Dry matte lipsticks give you colour but don’t freeze, plus if you stick your face in your jacket or behind a scarf, the colour doesn’t come off and ruin your stuff.

In the picture above I’m wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills in Dusty Rose. These lipsticks are amazing, I put them on in the morning with the universal lip liner and it stays all day, I may reapply to fix some spots after lunch but it basically lasts through coffee and water drinking as well as eating (the universal lipliner is clear so it goes with every colour, helps stop lipstick from bleeding and makes them last longer, plus it can make a regular lipstick a bit more matte).

Below I’m wearing ColourPop in Donut. These are a bit more friendly on your budget, but so far I’ve only been able to buy them from Ebay and can take a few weeks to get. They’re also none drying and last all day, I took this picture on a very cold day after I had drank a latte and kept hiding my face in my coat all day. Stayed on!


One last thing is that I stopped wearing powder, mainly because I found I didn’t needs it so much after the Nars tinted moisturizer, but also because if your skin is dry it only dries it more. Plus it’s just a neon sign showing people your flaky skin.

So to summarize, drink your damn water, slather oil on your body and buy products that may be a bit pricy but are definitely worth it.

What’s your favourite cold weather beauty tip?