Holy S**t! I might be becoming an adult?!?

And while this isn’t the only reason I haven’t blogged in forever, it certainly is a great excuse and like 77% the reason why I’ve been too busy to blog.

I bought property! More specifically, as of March 30th I’ll have the keys to my own one bedroom condo in Edmonton. It looks like the move to Edmonton just got more permanent.

A lot has happened in the month since I blogged, or over two months since I gave an actual update of life in the YEG. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • That job I was so excited about in January? I quit after three weeks. It was great and all, but I finally heard back from a government job I applied for back in September and started working there in the beginning of February.
  • The new job actually lets me use my degree. That’s right kids, get yourself an Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and just eight and a half short years later, you’ll finally get yourself a fulfilling job that requires those skills you learned. Well, kinda. I have yet to name drop Franz Boas or discuss necklacing at length (or in any capacity), but that knowledge I gained from a 25-page paper I wrote on cultural relativism is put to use on the daily.
  • I lived out my personal House Hunters dream and wandered through countless apartments in the Edmonton downtown. Stay tuned for a blog on that soon….
  • I found an apartment and was thrown into a world of mortgages, lawyers and contracts that I never knew existed. I don’t know what I thought buying a place would be like, but it was easier than I expected. And also harder, since there are many more parts than I could imagine.
  • I have too many options. My anxiety is at an all time high as I decide who to lock into contracts with for cable, internet, heating, insurance, property taxes and many more decisions I must make. I also have to make decisions about how to decorate, what pieces to buy and what to spend money on and what to go cheap (aka IKEA) on. I spent about four hours trying to make a decision on bath mat/shower curtain yesterday. With homeownership comes such great responsibility. And it’s all so much fun for someone as indecisive as myself.
  • It all happened so fast. I made the decision to buy at the beginning of February, by February 26th I had decided I loved a place and put an offer in. Two hours later my offer was accepted. All of this happened while I was trying to watch the Oscars and I kept getting interrupted by calls and texts from the realtor, my parents and friends. You know you’re growing up when you pause to take a call about your offer being accepted instead of sending the realtor to voicemail because you’re about to find out if Justin Timberlake wins an Oscar (and thankfully he didn’t, because that song was the worst).
  • I bought a couch. Like a real couch, where I spent eight hours at various furniture stores weighing options and getting stalked by salespeople (seriously, if you ever need a stalker walk into The Brick or Ashley furniture, they follow your every move and pounce whenever you sit on a floor model). It was finally when I was sitting on a couch at IKEA I decided that this was one of those things I should spend money on and bought a beauty from La-Z-Boy. In 6-8 weeks, she will be mine.
  • I wake up at 5:45am every weekday to get to work on time, I don’t even press snooze (!!). On weekends sleeping in is me sleeping until 8am. This might be something you’ve been doing without complaint since you were in your 20s, but not me. This is the most astounding of changes in my life recently.
  • It’s March 13th and at an average of -25 (with windchill) every day this past week, it’s colder than it was in December. And snowing a lot more. It snowed all day on Saturday and has snowed every day this week. I was cool with this in December, January and February, but it’s not okay anymore.

I would love to show you pictures of my place, but I don’t actually have any. I was relying on the professional ones on the listing, but now that the listings have been pulled I no longer have photos. Instead I just have this Boomerang I took during one of the walk throughs, it’s an attempt to give people a quick look at the beautiful kitchen, but also to give everyone a seizure. You’re welcome.

More pictures to come.

I am excited, overwhelmed and amazed at all this change. Who knew in five short months since moving here I would land a job I love, get a mortgage and own property? I’m the most impatient person in the world, and back in October I wanted all of this to happen the moment I got to Edmonton, but looking back I can’t believe that all this happened so fast… or at all. I think back to myself in September last year where I was filled with anxiety about the move, or when I cried in our Uhaul from when we left Surrey until we got to Chilliwack about this big change. I definitely had moments where I wasn’t sure I would last that long here.

Now my impatience has moved on to wanting to move Right. Now. And wanting to have everything ready and all the furniture and decor done and bought. So I have to keep reminding myself to be patient and not to rush things, because setting up a bar cart in the corner isn’t something that needs to be done on day one (if someone see’s a good bar cart at a reasonable price, let me know). And I still have anxiety but it’s a different kind. Now it’s about trying to decide who gets the privilege of providing me with electricity or who to trust to move all my stuff. As well as what colours to decorate with (seriously, someone tell me what colour area rugs to get in my living room and bedroom), which is a fun kind of apprehension.