A few months ago I posted on Instagram a deer that I picked up at work one day. I was still in training and at another office for the day. I was sitting with someone when I noticed she had a gold deer under her desk, I immediately loved it and wondered if she noticed if I stole it. Instead of turning to a life of petty theft, I asked her about it. She said a client brought in a bunch of stuff for the free item bin but she couldn’t put that (or the small vase alongside the deer) out since they were heavy enough to be weapons.

She planned on donating them to Goodwill but never got around to it, so I asked if I could have it. She looked at me like I was a little weird, but it was all mine. I just needed to take the small vase too.

I immediately knew that I would feature this deer on my tv stand/bookcase in my new place. And despite people probably thinking I was weird for taking this junk from under an office desk, I had a reason for it.

My whole life my Nonna had this animal in her living room and despite multiple attempts by my family to label what kind of animal it was, we have still never figured it out. Take a look at it below, if you know what it is please comment (and leave a google image search link or Wikipedia page so I can verify):

A few years ago when I started living in Nonna’s basement suite I asked Nonna if I could have him, she said yes, so I took this little guy. I knew that it was one thing that my cousins and I would want since we all had memories of it throughout my childhood so I was happy to get it ahead of everyone else. And maybe since my parent’s bought it for Nonna then I could claim it?

As many know, Nonna passed away last summer and with that my family sold her house, leaving me to find a new place to live. In case you’re not up to date with this blog, I was unhappy with my job and city so this was a good kick in the ass to make some big life changes and moved here to Edmonton.

I felt that finding this deer was an updated version of the weird animal and a nice way to bring a bit of my old life into my new and honour Nonna.

Right now I have both on display, but eventually I might be ok with just the deer taking on the duties of living room animal.