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"Rent is too damn high."


I’m a born and raised Vancouverite. Save for a few months spent kicking around Italy, I’ve lived in the Lower Mainland all 34 years of my life.

This blog is all aboutĀ leaving Vancouver, and British Columbia. Rising costs of living, particularly rent prices, areĀ forcing me to leave my beloved hometown to give it a shot in the one city I swore I never move to… Edmonton. I’m like a walking, talking Georgia Straight column.

Join me as I discover Edmonton, navigate living with my brother and what I imagine will be the hardest task of all – finding a cool nickname for Edmonton.

About Jen


Jen is a real human trying to stay warm in Edmonton. In her spare time you can find her writing blog posts or wry tweets as well as making cheeky cross stitches. Her favourite things are coffee, wine, Law & Order (OG or SVU) and reading actual books.

Her pet peeves include people on Snapchat who send you a Snap that is on their story, when people wear glasses with no prescription as a fashion statement and the fact that Kyle Chandler is married, but not to her.